Friday, October 28, 2011

(Not a) Flannel Friday - Halloween Finger Puppets

Thank goodness it's Flannel Friday!

I was casually browsing the Halloween goods at my local World Market when I noticed these finger puppets that were just calling to me. Anyone who's talented would probably be able to make them on their own, too.

I was even more delighted to discover that the purple bat looks just the one in The Scariest Thing in the Castle by Kevin Sherry.

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  1. We haven't gotten our copy of the Sherry book yet and I want to read it so so so bad. ARRGGGGGHHH!

  2. Omigosh, the little bat is the spitting image! I love Kevin Sherry -- but, like Anne, I haven't gotten our copy yet. Adorable finger puppets!

  3. It's an adorable book. I think it's going to be on my To Read list for every Halloween storytime.

  4. I was so hoping my library would get that book in time for Halloween, but we have not. It's exactly what I needed for a couple of my story times.

    And those puppets are adorable!

  5. Now that is smart clever move... why recreate when you can buy! I don't know the book.....