Thursday, June 23, 2011

Storytime - Father's Day

Happy Belated Father's Day, everyone! Here's a look at what we did in storytime for Dad's day.

I Love My Daddy by Sebastien Braun 

My Daddy is a Giant by Carl Norac 

Every Friday by Dan Yaccarino  

*Note: I probably wouldn't use this again in a storytime setting. Cute book, but not appropriate for a big audience.

Special Songs/Rhymes
"I Love Daddy"

Sung to: “Frere Jacques”
I love Daddy, I love Daddy,
Yes I do, yes I do
We have fun together,
We have fun together,
Just us two, just us two
--from Toddler Storytime Programs by Diane Briggs. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press, 1993. 

Felt Boards
"Daddy's Ties"
Sung to: Mary Wore a Red Dress
Felt Board
Daddy wore his purple tie,
purple tie, purple tie.
Daddy wore his purple tie
All day long.
Continue with blue, green, yellow, and red.
-- Many thanks to Katie at Story Time Secrets for this awesome felt board!

Sung to: “BINGO”
I have the best father in the world
And Daddy is his name-o.
D-A-D-D-Y x3
And Daddy is his name-o.
Repeat and leave out each letter one by one.

Daddy Puzzles
I gave each child a piece of white cardstock with the words "It's no puzzle, you're the greatest! Happy Father's Day!" The children colored the sheet then brought it to me, where I used a puzzle shaped die cut. I then put their puzzles in a small paper bag for them to give to a great guy in their life. Thankfully, a few parents stepped in to help cut the pieces that the machine missed (apparently my die is not as sharp as it once was). It was a time consuming process, but everyone waited patiently and everyone had a good time. Children and caregivers alike were fascinated by the Accucut machine. 

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