Friday, January 6, 2012

Flannel Friday - Roundup

Welcome to the first Flannel Friday of 2012. I can't wait to see what ideas we'll come up with this year! So glad to see everyone back. 

What a roundup we have today!

Shawn makes her Flannel Friday debut with her blog Read, Rhyme, and Sing. She has several cute ideas, including Hot Cocoa Math; The Tallest, Smallest Snowman; and light box activities. Plus, she has some mittens that were inspired by Library Quine. Let's give Shawn a great big welcome!

Kari Ann, another debut Flannel Friday-er, is keeping things cool at her blog, My Storytime Life. Her polar bear antics were inspired by the book Bear Play by Miela Ford.

Erin at Falling Flannelboards is counting in the new year with Number Birds. A versatile activity that can be use for counting or sorting.

Over at Recipe for Reading, Katie has shared her flannelized version of Purple Little Bird by Greg Foley.

Snow is falling at Loons and Quines! After giving us a preview of her Five Little Snowflakes flannel pieces, we've all been kept waiting to see the final product. Also included are her templates. Beautiful job, Library Quine!

Who doesn't love the song "The Lady with the Alligator Purse"? No one I can think of! Angela at valleystorytime has done a wonderful job of flannelizing it for our enjoyment.

Meghan at Busy Crafting Mommy has put together a set of color-themed felt boards and a handy slideshow of pictures to show us just how many pieces she made. Awesome job, Meghan!

Get ready for winter fun with Anne's "Snowball, Snowball" at her blog sotomorrow. This will be a great game to play on those chilly winter days.

storytime katie (so many Katies!) has a great game to teach children about shapes. All aboard!

Andrea at rovingfiddlehead kidlit has presented us with an Inspired By Flannel Friday post using Katie's (@sharingsoda) Royal Crowns board.

Our founder, Melissa at Mel's Desk, has Six Ducklings. She has included several songs that we could use it with, plus a template.

Alison at Miss Alison is Blogging has flannelized Jan Brett's The Mitten. I love the mitten with the pocket on the back! Alison has included the template for the animals direct from Jan Brett's website.

Do you love penguins? Then you'll adore Katie's (another!) Penguins at Story Time Secrets. They pack some serious squee factor, so be prepared. You'll find the templates in her post as well.

Mary's (Not) Flannel Friday is 100% flannel free, or so she claims. "Mrs. Mark's Favorite Color" is a file folder story from the hallowed book Storytime Magic by Kathy MacMillan and Christine Kirker. Check it out at Miss Mary Liberry.

Cate (!!) at Storytiming is making breakfast with Eggs for Breakfast. She was inspired by the book Ready-to-Go Storytimes by Gail Benton and Tricia Waichulaitis.

There won't be an entry from me today. However, I was inspired to make "Snowball, Snowball" for my winter clothing storytime next week. Thanks Anne!

Don't forget that all Flannel Friday entries can be viewed visually at our Pinterest page and add your voice to our Facebook page discussions. Anne has archived past Flannel Fridays and has the schedule of future hosts, as well as the two extravaganzas coming up.


  1. Great job on this monster roundup, Mollie!

  2. Wow, that was a big roundup, and a great presentation, thanks.

  3. Ditto! Nice commentary and what a huge round up of great ideas. Now if I only had time to make them all.

  4. Thanks guys! I had fun putting it all together!