Friday, May 4, 2012

Flannel Friday Round Up - Final

It's Friday indeed! Check out this week's amazing flannel board submissions! 

And stay tuned for a special announcement at the end of this post!

Linda's here with a glove rhyme about pretty flowers (and they sparkle!) for May.

Don't look now, but your underpants are showing! Thanks Tara!

Anne is hosting Josh's fun rhyming flannel Squire McGuire.

Katie tempts us with her yummy felt cookies

Go under the sea with Nicole and her Five Little Sea Creatures.

Seth has put out a warrant for Goldilock's arrest. She's up to her old tricks again! 

Courtney's Five White and Fluffy Sheep are just too cute for words.

Cate has found some buried treasure at author Will Hillenbrand's website.

Who doesn't love The Very Hungry Caterpillar? No one! And thanks to Meghan, we have a sock puppet and flannel version to share.

The classic Five Little Ducks has been "Willem-ized" by Jane. Do they get cookies, too? 

Sarah is trying to get Animal to eat healthy, but will he bite?

Let's go on a (sparkly) bug hunt with K!  

THIS MONDAY be sure to look here and on other Flannel Friday blogs to learn more about some exciting changes coming our way!


  1. Thanks, Mollie K, great round-up! I did want to let everyone know (if there is confusion), I'm Miss Courtney. My FB page is under a pseudonym for our family (so I'm not Geta). Thanks.

    1. Lol, Miss Courtney! I wondered about the last week when I was doing the Round-Up. :o)

      I am actually under a kind of pseudonym, too. My first name is not "Kay" but it starts with a K. I wanted to go by just "K" but Facebook wouldn't let me. :o(

    2. Oh no! I originally had it as Courtney, then changed it. I'll change both of yours!