Monday, November 5, 2012

Storytime - Apples

Five Little Apples
Five little apples at the grocery store.
Five little apples, all lonely to the core.
When along comes a child with a quarter to pay,
She buys one and takes it away.
--Miss Mollie

Way Up High in the Apple Tree
Way up high in the apple tree
arms above head
Two little apples did I see.
make two fists
So I shook that tree as hard as I could,
wiggle body all over
Down, came the apples.
bring arms down, wiggling fingers
Mmmmmm, they were good!
rub tummy

Sung to: “B-I-N-G-O”
There is a fruit I really like,
And Apple is its name-o.
A-P-P-L-E, A-P-P-L-E, A-P-P-L-E
And Apple is its name-o.
--Miss Mollie

Toddlers - Apple Tree
Materials: Die cut red construction paper mini apples, die cut brown construction paper trees, die cut green construction paper clouds (leaves), crayons, glue, and tape. The toddlers glued and taped the leaves and apples to their trees.

Preschool - Small a
I taught the preschoolers about the difference between capital A and lower case a before handing them this color-by-number sheet.

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