Monday, December 9, 2013

Wee Read - Chanukah and Christmas (2012)

Early Literacy Tip: Share books with your children at least ten minutes a day, beginning at infancy. Don't worry if babies chew on or play with the books - it's all part of the process leading up to reading.

Good Morning

Hello, How are You?

Spin Little Dreidels
Spin little dreidels, go, go, GO!                                         
Spin little dreidels, now go SLOW!                                 
Jump, little dreidels, jump so high                                    
Now, STOP! And reach for the sky!                              
Now little dreidels, find your nose                                 
Now little dreidels, find your toes!                                
Spin little dreidel, round and round                               
Round and round till you fall to the ground!

Open Shut Them

Book One

I Am a Little Dreidel
I am a little dreidel
(Point to yourself)
I am a little top
(Pat your head)
When you twist my handle,
(Spin around)
I spin until I drop!
(Fall to the floor)

Holiday Candles
I changed the title from Christmas to Holiday
--from 1001 Rhymes and Fingerplays by the Totline Staff. Torrance, CA: Warren Publishing House, 1994.

Book Two

Three Little Christmas Trees 
Three little Christmas trees,
Standing all alone.
Their hearts were very sad,
'Cause they hadn't found a home.
Then chop went the ax
And down fell a tree
And off one went with a happy family!
(continue until no trees)No little Christmas Trees
Were standing all alone
Their hearts were very happy
'Cause they all found a home!!!

Reindeer Pokey
Sung to: "The Hokey Pokey"You put your antlers in,
You put your antlers out.
You put your antlers in and you shake them all about.
You do the Reindeer Pokey and you turn yourself around.
That's what it's all about!
You put your hooves in....
You put your red nose in....
You put your fluffy tail in...
You put your reindeer body in...

Let's All
Sung to: "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"Let's all do a little clapping, x3
and spread holiday cheer.
2. Stomping
3. Jumping

Read Together

The More We Get Together

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