Friday, January 17, 2014

(Not a) Flannel Friday - Snow in a Can

Happy Flannel Friday! Today's post is brought to you by Old Man Winter and his lack of influence in Texas this January (seriously, it's going to be 68 this weekend). But I won't let that get in the way of some freezing fun in storytime!

My niece and nephew back home in New York sent me a perfect gift this past holiday season: Snow in a Can. I thought it would be perfect to make with my preschoolers.

I opened the can before storytime even started, since all of the videos I watched had to use a can opener when their pop tab broke (I didn't have a problem, though). Be careful, the edge is sharp! The directions say to make the snow in the can, but I used a clear plastic container.

I made a big production out of reading the instructions, emphasizing to the parents that doing so helped their children realize that those words were important!

We successfully followed the instructions and were rewarded with fluffy snow, as promised!

The children were invited up the front to touch the snow after storytime was over. They were shocked to find that it was even a little cold, just like real snow!

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