Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Reading Program - Week 6

Reading Program
Toy truck! Though the girls weren't too thrilled about it, the boys were ecstatic! These lasted a bit longer than the other prizes, but not by much.

Wee Read and Toddler Time had an average amount of attendees, but attendance was WAY down for Preschool Storytime (which means we actually had room to move!), which was fortunate considering that our air conditioner decided to conk out on us. This week's theme was camping, and you can find my lesson plan here.

We had a mad scientist come to visit us, and this program always draws in a big crowd. We had some of the same issues we did with the zoologist. I didn't give out tickets this time, but we had to limit the amount of adults who attended and block others from coming in when we reached our maximum occupancy. Add to this our issues with the A/C, and there were some unhappy patrons. Luckily, the children didn't notice the heat, and the parents were happy to vacate their spaces after just a few minutes in the room. Total attendance: 173 people.

One new issue cropped up this week: day cares. I've had day cares come to summer programs before and were well behaved, but the two that showed up this week were overly excited and talkative. To make matters worse, the presenter was still relatively new at his job, and didn't quite have his crowd control skills down pat, so it was a very loud and chaotic experience for everyone.

Sea How Much... 
13090 books/hours! We've read so many books that I had to expand our sea!

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