Friday, June 1, 2012

Flannel Friday - Ice Cream

Happy Summer to you, Flannel Friday goers! In celebration of the upcoming season, I offer you this delightful treat: "Down Around the Corner at the Ice Cream Shop". 

I came up with this song after I was trying to find some short ice cream rhymes to use. The ice cream cones were made using clip art as a template. The sprinkles are made out of puffy paint.

Down Around the Corner at the Ice Cream Shop
Down around the corner at the ice cream shop
Were five ice cream cones with some sprinkles on top.
Along came a child with a dollar to pay.
He bought one and took it away.
--Miss Mollie

It's my goal to make a set of my own, too. Instead of using paint to make the sprinkles, though, I'll most likely sew them on instead.

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  1. They look yummy! Especially the sprinkles! ;o)

    How did you do the cross hatching on the cone part?

  2. I used a brown fine tip sharpie and a piece of card stock to make sure the lines were straight. Nothing too fancy.

  3. This would partner fantastically with the song "Ice Cream Man" (another flannel I use on a regular basis) or any other picnic/summer themed storytime. Love it!