Friday, July 13, 2012

Flannel Friday - Six Yummy Cookies

Hooray for Flannel Day!  I didn't expect to have a post for today, but my creativity came through at the very last minute (fifteen minutes before we closed last night, actually).

I was planning to read The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? by Mo Willems in storytime, and wanted a cookie-themed activity to do. I already had one cookie felt board, but I felt like doing something new. I quickly found a picture of a chocolate chip cookie, printed out six of them, laminated them, and glued magnets to the back.

Now all I needed was a poem to go along with it. Thus, "Six Yummy Cookies" was born at approximately 3:00 AM last night (you know you're a children's librarian when...). Enjoy!

"Six Yummy Cookies"
Mama made six cookies and she placed them on a tray.
Let's listen in and hear what they say!
The first cookie said, "I bet I'm really good!"
The second cookie said, "I'd like some milk if I could."
The third cookie said, "I'm going to be great!"
The fourth cookie said, "I hope we're not too late."
The fifth cookie said, "It's getting hot in here."
The sixth cookie said, "The time is almost near!"
Then DING went the bell and out came the tray,
And the six yummy cookies were gobbled up right away.
--Miss Mollie

I also used the same clip art picture, just a tad bit bigger, and taped it to the top of a tiny frisbee from Dave and Busters. We used it to play "Who Stole the Cookies From the Cookie Jar?". 

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If anyone's ready for a laugh, here's what my 3:00 AM poetry effort looks like. Don't mind the crayon, it's all I had available... 


  1. I just did that book; I'll be using your rhyme next time I do a cookie theme. Glad to know that I'm not the only one who rhymes in the middle of the night.

  2. Some of my best ideas come about during the middle of the night:)

  3. I love the poem, and I super love that you wrote in crayon. I feel so much more creative when I write with crayons. :)