Thursday, March 7, 2013

Flannel Friday Turns Two!

Melissa's call for others to contribute to her weekly Flannel Friday event came at the exact right time. I had been following (read: lurking) her Twitter feed for quite some time, and I wanted to start joining the conversations her and many other fabulous librarians were having there, but didn't quite know how. When Mel invited us to join her, I knew this was the moment I was waiting for.

The fact that I didn't have an established blog did not get in the way. I quickly designed one and posted my first Flannel Friday entry, "Flannel Friday - Teeth!" Since then, I've used the blog to talk about storytimes, programming, and in-depth topic views. I've reached out of my comfort zones, expanded my knowledge, and became a better librarian. Most importantly, I've made new friends and was even lucky enough to meet some in person.

The Flannel Friday community has become so much more than it started out. We're not just about flannel boards, we're about helping out, building each other up, and sharing our experiences. It is easy to allow yourself to feel alone, but with the extensive support group we've built up around us, I know that there will always be someone to help me track down that impossible-to-find book for a patron or help me think of a song that will work for my crazy storytime theme.

Thank you, Melissa, for opening up Flannel Friday. Thank you, Flannel Friday Development Team, for allowing me to work with such brilliant minds. Thank you, Bloggers, for your endless creativity and passion for what you do. And thank you, Readers, for being our audience.

I can't believe that it's already been two years. Here's to many, many more Flannel Fridays!


  1. This is a true "feel good" post. I love the "thank yous" I can't tell you how many times I say "Thank you Flannel Friday" during my day as I play a new song, do a new rhyme, debut a new flannel story. It's great.

  2. Mollie, you have been in the thick of it with us from the very beginning! You've got to give credit to Sharon and Annie and Mary and YOURSELF and everyone else who made some noise about FF to get the round ups totally wouldn't have happened if it had been just me. And MAJOR kudos to you for realizing we needed a Facebook presence...just look at how much that has helped make some of our conversations easier and accessible in a new way. You rock.

  3. You said it so well, Mollie! We all need that lifeline that feeling connected brings :-)
    I have read the same sentiment of Flannel Friday came into my life at "the exact right time" in so many people's stories this week (including mine). It makes me think that it's appropriate that your admin. is a Fairy Godmother, because it seems like there is some wonderful magic at work here.