Friday, July 8, 2011

The Drama of Four Year Olds

This story is so crazy, I just had to share.

Today's storytime theme was bugs. For the preschoolers' craft, I gave each child two pompons and let them glue sequins and googly eyes on them to make their very own buggy. Two little friends were sitting on the floor, each with their buggies beside them. Seeing the pouty looks on their faces, I asked them what was the matter. Their responses were truly memorable.

The conversation went like this:
Me: What's going on here?
Girl 1: She doesn't like my bug.
Me: Why not?
Girl 2: Her bug only has one eye. It doesn't look right.
Me: That's okay, we can make our bugs however we want to. It's okay to be different.
Girl 2: Nah-ah. Her's is wrong. I don't like it.
Me: Well, how would you feel if your friend said she didn't like your bug?
Girl 2: I don't care. It's ugly.
Me: I like both bugs. They're both really cool.

At this point, their adult came to get them and take them home. Girl 1 felt much better when I told her I liked her bug, so she thought the matter was finished.

Girl 1: I know! We can go play outside and have a pretend picnic!
Girl 2: No we can't. We're not friends anymore. Your bug is wrong. 

That didn't stop Girl 1, though. She walked out of the library with a smile on her face, and I hope that they completely forgot about their argument soon after.

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