Friday, July 1, 2011

Flannel Friday - Fruits and Vegetables

It's Flannel Friday! I'm continuing my fruits and vegetables theme with this week's flannel board activity.

One of my predecessors purchased felt fruits and vegetables, and I found them while rummaging through some old files a few weeks ago. Then, while planning out my fruits and veggies themed storytime for this Friday, I glanced through the book What Am I?: Looking Through Shapes at Apples and Grapes by N. N. Charles and Leo and Diane Dillon. The book is a guessing game, with children looking at a part of a fruit through a shape, using poems as clues.

I took some of the poems in the book and wrote a few of my own (using quite a bit of poetic license). I created a square frame out of felt. Tomorrow during preschool storytime, I will hide a fruit or veggie in the box and tell the children the poem/clues.

Here are some of the poems I wrote:

Crisp and crunchy
I am yummy
In salads.
What am I?

I am orange, I am round
And on Halloween, 
I can be found.
What am I?
A pumpkin!

I am juicy,
Yes, indeed!
And I have lots of seeds.
What am I?
A watermelon!

This week's Flannel Friday roundup is hosted by Katie at sharingsoda. Check out her blog later to see everyone who participated.

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