Friday, April 29, 2011

Flannel Friday - Tired Bunnies

Welcome to another edition of Flannel Friday!

This week's submission was used in my bunny storytime last week, but could easily be used for a Mother's Day theme as well. The picture doesn't make it too clear, but the gray bunny on the left is larger than the others. That's Mother Bunny.

 Tired Bunnies
“Come my bunnies, it’s time for bed.”
That’s what the mother bunny said.
“But first I’ll count you just to see,
If you have all come back to me.
Bunny 1, Bunny 2, Bunny 3, oh dear,
Bunny 4, Bunny 5, yes, you’re all here.
You’re the sweetest things alive,
My bunnies 1,2,3,4,5.”

-- I’m a Little Teapot!: Presenting Preschool Storytime by Jane Cobb. Point Roberts, WA: Black Sheep Press, 1996. 

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  1. I just did my bunny storytime a couple of weeks ago. I will keep this in mind for next year if I do a bunny theme again. Thanks!

  2. Oh, super cute! Really like this song and the adaptation to a possible mother's day theme.

  3. That rhyme is so cute, perfect for a bunny or mother's day theme! I love that you made them all different colors.

  4. Thanks, guys! The little ones like the bunnies and the moms all loved the song. I'll have to bring this one back out soon!