Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Storytime - It's Science!


Songs / Rhymes: “Good Morning”, “Hello, How Are You?”, “Open, Shut Them”, “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, “Head and Shoulders” “I Wiggle My Fingers”, and “The More We Get Together”.

Craft: Magic Paint. Materials: Blue construction paper, paint brushes, hot water, and Epsom salts. I combined the water and salt to make a special paint. When the paint dries, the paint turns to white crystals. The toddlers used their fine motor skills to paint designs on the paper with the brushes. The idea for this craft came from Unplug Your Kids.


Songs / Rhymes: “Welcome to the Library”, “Hello, How Are You?”, “Open, Shut Them”, and “The More We Get Together”.

Special Activity: I conducted a science experiment with the preschoolers. Before the group came in, I placed three different colors of food coloring in three bottles and hid the coloring under baking soda. During the experiment, I asked the preschoolers to try and guess what color the fizz would turn when she added vinegar. They used their deductive reasoning to figure out what color was next and were amazed by the product of the two chemicals. 

Craft: Magic Paint. See above.

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  1. Love the Magic Paint craft! I've never seen that done before, but I'm definitely going to try it in the future.