Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Storytime - Winter Wonderland


Songs / Rhymes: “Good Morning”, “Hello, How Are You?”, “Open, Shut Them”, “My Mittens”, “Four Little Snowmen Riding on a Sled” on the felt board, “Snowflakes, Snowflakes”, “I Wiggle My Fingers”, and “The More We Get Together”.

Craft: Warm Hats. Materials: half of a paper plate, aqua construction paper strip, blue construction paper circle, cotton balls, glue, tape, and crayons. The toddlers colored their plates and glued on the strip and circle. When they were finished, they glued on their cotton balls and pretended it was snow on their hats. The idea came from storytime katie.

Special Activity: During the song “Snowflakes, Snowflakes”, I handed out cotton balls and spread out a white sheet on the ground. When the toddlers sang the word “everywhere”, everyone threw their “snowballs” on to the sheet.


Songs / Rhymes: “Welcome to the Library”, “Hello, How Are You?”, “Open, Shut Them”, “Four Little Snowmen Riding on a Sled”, and “The More We Get Together”.

Craft: There was no craft today. We had a special event instead.

Special Activity: Over the winter holiday, I set up a table for the Snowflakes for Sandy Hook event. The Connecticut Parent Teacher Student Association had asked for volunteers to donate paper snowflakes in order to help the students of Sandy Hook recover from the tragic events in December. The snowflakes would be used to turn SHES into a winter wonderland. The CTPTSA received such an outpouring of snowflakes that they had to ask volunteers to stop sending them in. Instead, they said, they wanted those who made snowflakes to create their own winter wonderlands. I hung the donated snowflakes from the ceiling of the meeting room. When the preschoolers arrived, I explained the project to them and said that the students of SHES needed good wishes sent to them. In order to do this, we’d have fun playing in our winter wonderland! We sang winter songs, read snowy books, and even had a snowball fight!

Four Little Snowmen
Four little snowmen riding on a sled
One fell off and bumped his head
Frosty called the doctor and the doctor said,
“No more snowmen riding on that sled!”
(Continue in this fashion until you get to zero)

Snowflakes, Snowflakes
Snowflakes, snowflakes,
Dance around (wiggle fingers)
Touch the ground (touch floor)
Snowflakes, snowflakes,
In the air (flutter fingers upward)
Snowflakes, snowflakes,
Everywhere (flutter fingers outward)

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